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d 100 billion yuan

ities conducted smoothing operations to intervene in the FX market showing pan▓ic moves, but it failed to stop the dolla▓r purchases.The won/yen e

(about 15 billion U.S. dollar

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xchange rate was quoted at 1,167.88 won per 100 yen as of 1:30 p.m., up 69.05 won fro▓m the previous close due to strong demand▓ for the Japanese yen, regarded as safe haven currency▓ among traders.The benchmark KOSPI tumbled more

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s) to help laid-off workers. It has

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than ▓4 percent to fall below the 1,900 points, while the▓ tech-savvy KOSDAQ index plunged 7 percent, issuing a side car alert to stop stock trading for five minute▓s.South Korea's financial authorities h▓eld an emergency meeting to discuss countermeasures against the highly expected British votes

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as▓ked local government

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to leave the EU.Attendants at the meeting were vice finance minister▓, vice chairman of the financial regulato▓r, vice governor of the central bank and the vice chairman of the financial watchdog. Please scan the QR Code ▓to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR

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financial markets

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Author name - Oct 18, 2020 exit fears

S.Korea's financial markets fall into ▓

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BJTThe South Korean


Code to follow us on Wechat A vendor makes a traditional foo▓d in a night market in Kaifeng, central Chi

, down 28.5 ▓won from the previous close. The dai ly volatil ity of 33.1 won was the high est since Sept. 23, 2011 when the Euro pean fi▓sca l crisis rattled global ma rkets.The voting results to favor the British exit from th e EU was not in li ne with market expec tations, leading ma rket players to p urchase the U. S. dollar considered as safe haven .South Korea's 米易县wap 景东彝族自治县5G 苍南县5G 内乡县wap 泗阳县wap 垦利县5G 东城区5G 鄱阳县5G 朔州市5G 宿迁市5G 高淳县5G 清原满族自治县5G 北京wap 上高县wap 河津市5G 简阳市wap 沙洋县wap 灵川县5G 资阳市5G 栖霞市5G 怎么开传奇私服教程 轻变传奇私服刚开一 传奇私服1.80合击 传奇私服脱机挂刷元宝 传奇私服单职业传奇私服单职业sf123 传奇私服1.80星王版 手游传奇私服安卓版 传奇私服服务端免费版本 传奇私服搜不到目录 传奇私服英雄合击